Please make sure your computer meets the Software Requirements.

Download the installation package from

Downloads page

Clicking on the “latest version” link will open the actual download page:

Actual downloads page

Download the installation exe:

Download complete

It is always a good idea to verify that any downloaded files have not been tampered with. Windows has the “certutil” utility that can compute the cryptograpic hash of a file.

certutil -hashfile .\xlSlim.exe SHA1

If you run this you’ll see the hash matches the details on the website:

Download verification

After verification, double-click on the downloaded xlSlim.exe and run through the installation:

Open the downloaded exe

The default installation location is “%APPDATA%MicrosoftAddIns” this is one of the places Excel looks for add-ins.

First page of the installer Second page of the installer Third page of the installer Fourth page of the installer

Tick the “Launch xlSlim” box to launch Excel with the xlSlim add-in. A Start menu shortcut of “xlSlim” is also added.

Fifth page of the installer

You may see a warning similar to this, please choose to “Enable all code published by this publisher.” Please check that the “Show Signature Details” reports the code as signed by “Webber Software Solutions Ltd”.

Verify trial license

In Excel you can use the functions IsPremiumLicensed() and LicenseExpiry() to verify a trial license has been obtained successfully. See Licensing for details.

Verify trial license